Gigs R-U TNT

Venue: The Galaxy Theatre

City: Costa Mesa, CA

Set length: About 45min

Tonight’s Lineup:

  1. Pretentious – The Pretenders tribute
  2. TNT – an AC/DC tribute
  3. Surfing With An Alien – a Joe Satriani tribute
  4. The Iron Maidens – Iron Maiden tribute

TNT is an AC/DC tribute band, which is hard to pull off but these guys do an “okay” job. I am going to be a tough critic on this one as I grew up listening to AC/DC ever since I was old enough to buy my own records (yes kids, records) at Mirabelli’s Music located in the Park Lane Mall in Reno, NV. TNT have the look and sound of the Brian Johnson era but play songs from the entire catalog. They sounded okay and were having fun, much like the actual band does on stage but the notes weren’t always up to par. In all fairness to the TNT singer, the Brian Johnson from the 80’s is a very hard one to imitate and not many people can pull it off (including Brian himself these days) BUT, he did a decent job.

To quote Brian Johnson from an interview I saw on That Metal Show; Q:”Brian, do you think you’ve painted yourself into a corner with the way you sang on the earlier albums?” A: “Aaah yes me son, I have…”

As petty as it may be, the biggest issue with the band is the wigs… I feel the fake hair completely cheapened the effect. The bass player (who plays the role of Cliff) and the rhythm guitarist (role of Malcom) wore wigs (not good ones either) to look the part but they were much too animated and “flashy” for the roles they were trying to emulate. If they would have played the roles like the original band members then the wigs may have been (somewhat) overlooked. I’m not saying that tribute bands have to always look, act & sound just like the groups they are covering but if you make an attempt to look like the band then they should also act like them – maybe it’s just me but for my liking, pick one or the other. Don’t confuse the audience by giving them one aspect and not the other, if the attempt is there. If it is just a music tribute then just get up there as you are and play the songs – even the toughest critics (fans of the band) will forgive that and have fun with you. Either just deliver the music or pay a true tribute to the band because the bottom line really is the music and the audience. Having said all that, it really was a fun time and they did play well. Go check em out as they do play AC/DC a lot better than some of the other tributes I have seen out there. Plus, who wouldn’t want to throw back a few drinks while listening to the soundtrack of one of the greatest rock-n-roll bands? Cheers, lads…

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