Gigs N-Q Pearl

Venue: 4th & B

City: San Diego, CA

Set length: About an hour and a half

Tonight’s Lineup:

  1. Sunday Girl
  2. Monsters of Rock
  3. Dust n Bones
  4. Pearl
  5. The Iron Maidens

Pre-show banter…
I am going to try and keep my ramblings short on this review but there is a lot to say so advanced apologies if this ends up being a “The Stand” sized novel. I was in San Diego for 4 days at a Photography/Software Summit and skipped out on the Joe McNally presentation (which was a bummer to miss) to go see Pearl and The Iron Maidens, which I was excited for, at 4th & B! Once again, thanks to Phantom (Iron Maidens’ management) for the pass to the gig – he’s always been extremely kind and accommodating when I have asked about photographing the band.

So, my day started off at 5:00AM and pretty much spent the day hiking up and down the hills of the SD Zoo. I was able to take a quick nap from 5:00-6:00 and then I was off to grab some food and leave for the gig. Fortunately, the venue was about 6 miles from where I was staying so it made for an easy commute. I got there around 8:30 and the first band was already on as I walked through the door. I was armed with my Canon 1Ds Mark III, a 70-200mm f/2.8 and a 50mm f/1.2. I also had a Speedlight with me but I opted not to use it at all as the stage-lighting was pretty decent. My biggest enemies tonight were the mic stands and the fact that I consistently seemed to find myself out of place from the action – I was off my game tonight. The show you an example of how “off” I was this night, check out one of the last photos in the gallery of Scott Ian in one of his trademarked jumps. I was waiting for this moment all evening and thought that it might happen at the beginning or the end of the set. I was right, and still missed it – I’m lame. My pre-vision of how this shot would look was Pearl Aday in the background and Scott in the air (in focus, of course – and definitely without a mic stand in the way) but the moment came while I was on the move through the crowd. Oh well, next time…


Reviews, comments, and possible putdowns for this band…
I was extremely excited to see Pearl as I find her debut album “Little Immaculate White Fox” to be a breath of fresh air as far as full albums are concerned. Remember back in the day when you would sit for hours listening to the same album over and over trying to figure out the lyrics and background sounds to every single song on the album? At least this is how I was… Well, Pearl has made one of those albums. Most of the music that gets corporately churned out these days is more about the Singles and may contain one or two decent songs while the rest is just crap. Not this album though. This one is packed with heavy blues-rock all the way through it and contains some pretty solid riffing. If you haven’t heard it yet or want to know a little more about Pearl and her rockin’ band, then just think of this: If there was a rock mold and Dr. Frankenstein was trying to create the ultimate rock goddess he may want to inject the monster-mold with approximately 50% classic Tina Turner, 25% Angus Young and 25% Janis Joplin. If this were to actually happen then you would have one Pearl Aday terrorizing the stage and belting out some amazing rock n roll! Thanks to Eddie Trunk’s show on The Boneyard and That Metal Show for turning me on to this gem!

On top of that, none other than Scott Ian (of Anthrax fame) is playing rhythm guitar, who is someone I’ve looked up to in the Metal world since “Spreading The Disease” came out around 1985, I think. Once again, I purchased the “…Disease” picture disc at Mirabelli’s in Reno, NV and have pretty much worn that thing out.

The show was fast-paced and delivered great rock n roll attitude from the stage. They opened with “Rock Child” and ended with a cover of “Nutbush City Limits” (originally written by Tina Turner and covered by a lot of bands, including Nashville Pussy). They pretty much tore through the rest of the album in between those two songs. This was their last show of the tour so I’m glad I got a chance to be there.

Bottom line is that if you are any kind of Rock n Roll fan then you should check out the Pearl CD or download. Don’t just download a song or two, spend a couple of bucks to get the whole package as it is well worth it. I urge you to support this band as they are tight and flawless! If you are still unsure then check out her MySpace where you can listen to a few songs and watch some videos from the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

2019 update: Pearl’s official website


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