Gigs I-M Motorbreath

Venue: Paladino’s

City: Tarzana, CA

Set length: About an hour

Tonight’s Lineup:

  1. Chill Pill @10:00 PM (no blog entry – sorry folks)
  2. Allison Chains @11:15 PM
  3. Motorbreath @12:30 PM
  4. Holy Diver @1:45 PM

Pre-show banter…
A bunch of tribute bands playing Paladino’s again?  I’m in!. So, I went to this gig with two lenses and no flash, which may have been a mistake because the lighting was not really up to snuff this night. My two lenses were a 15mm Fisheye f/2.8 and the 70-200mm f/2.8, which should have been enough speed but I could have used some white fill-lights here and there. It seemed like all I was getting was solid yellow or solid red in the shots but that was the obstacle I had to overcome by not having a flash. What I ended up with is quite a few dark images but I tend to like the darker side of photography anyway (good excuse, right?) Here we go…

Venue Review…
I like this place quite a bit for numerous reasons but mostly because they let me take my camera and don’t hassle the clientele unless trouble is brewing, which is rare at this venue. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a scuffle or a disagreement here. I hesitate to call it a “Club” because it really is just a cool bar with friendly bartenders and a very smiley waitress, which I find to be a rare watering hole quality. I would probably be there every weekend if it wasn’t so damn far away from where I live. If you are thinking about going then keep in mind that it is NOT the Double Down in Vegas… By that I mean one goes to the Double Down for the Punk’ish vibe and the (usually) down-to-earth folks. One goes to Paladino’s for the Rocker vibe and the (usually) down-to-earth folks. Both of these venues are great places to drink and to see bands but they are nothing alike other than they both have pool tables, live bands, and inexpensive drinks. You won’t see the likes of Paris Hilton at either one of these venues so all you douche-bags go elsewhere – please! If you want more info on Paladino’s see below…


Reviews, comments, and possible putdowns for Motorbreath…
A Metallica tribute band that I had not seen before – nice. They definitely don’t try and pull off the look nor does the singer sound a lot like Mr. Hetfield but they sure played the songs well. Let me rephrase the James comment… The singer definitely hit all the notes (and sounded nice & guttural) but if you go to see them to hear an exact copy of Metallica then you won’t get it. What you will get is a great set of Metallica tunes done very well played by obvious fans who don’t think they are the band – nice to see! Also, they had the Damage Inc. bass player filling in with them – I almost felt like Jason was back in the band! I will definitely go see them again as they played a great selection and appeared to have fun doing so. There aren’t many Metallica tributes out there that can pull it off but they are one of ‘em! Go support them next time they are playing near you.



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