Allison Chains

A-D Allison Chains Gigs

Venue: Paladino’s

City: Tarzana, CA

Set length: A little under an hour

Tonight’s Lineup:

  1. The Sugar Daddies 8:00 PM  (no blog post on this band)
  2. Allison Chains 9:00 PM
  3. Rox 10:15 PM  (no blog post on this band)
  4. Zedd  ? PM  (no blog post on this band because I left early – see below)

Pre-show banter…
I did the extremely long haul out to Paladino’s in the Valley to shoot Allison Chains once again. Here we go…

Venue Review…
Got to the venue around 7:50PM, which left about 10 minutes before the first band went on. My name was supposed to be on a band list at the door but I made it there before the list arrived so I was told to either pay the cover or wait outside. Since I drove all the way out there, I opted to just pay rather than wait out in the somewhat chilly strip mall. The paying part is not what bothered me, it was the woman at the door who was quite rude about it, kept talking on her cell phone, wouldn’t look at me when barking her instructions, and didn’t seem to offer any solution to the matter. I would have understood if I were arguing about it and holding up the line but I was the only one there and all I said was “Hello, I’m here to see Allison Chains and my name should be on their list…” It would have been nice if she would have said something like “well, why don’t you wait at the bar and have a drink – the band will be here shortly.” Also, I could be mistaken but I think she has been working that door for some time so she should know that bands do come with guest lists and there might be a chance that people show up earlier than the lists. Rather than being nice about it she was just flat-out cunty. Whaaa, the lady was mean to me… I know, I know, suck it up and grow a pair, right? True, but this is my blog and I can rant and rave all I want about it in this forum. Having said that, I simply don’t get how people can treat their customers in such a manner and get away with it. If I were to treat my clients that way I simply don’t get rehired. All in all, no big deal, it just makes me wonder how people keep their jobs. Hell, maybe she’s the owner!

Despite that one person, everyone else at the venue was extremely nice and personable. And by “everyone else” I mean the doorman, bartenders, servers and the sound guy. I still dig this place and am really looking forward to my next venture out there to see if the same person is working the door.

The only tricky part of the evening was the stage lighting. It was really difficult to get any shots of the drummers as the lights seem to illuminate around the kit. The stage is always very pinkish in hue except for a few spots that a band member will occasionally walk through, so I have to watch for those moments. On this night, stage right seemed to have nothing but red (more like pink) gels on the cans while stage left did have a good white light illuminating whichever player was on that side. Other than that, the sound was great!

Also, there were four bands on the bill this night but I left after the third because a number of Vagos showed up. You haven’t heard of The Vagos? All I know is that they showed up in force – at least 15, maybe more. I didn’t leave because they were there necessarily, I just wasn’t sure about accidentally getting them in photographs and how they might react to that. I caught a few of them looking at me, maybe because I had a camera? Not really sure but my decision to leave came when two of the guys by the pool tables were talking and looking at me when one of them points right to me. Call me naive but I didn’t want to risk dealing with that situation so I left. It kinda freaked me out, to be honest. At the moment I was more concerned about my camera gear than anything else. I didn’t want to do anything that would be deemed as disrespectful so I split.


Reviews, comments, and possible putdowns for Allison Chains…
The band has replaced two of the band members since the last time I saw them and they sounded just as good. If you like Alice In Chains then you will surely like Allison Chains. They put on a fun night of great rock-n-roll and do Alice in Chains justice. Rating = The full Mano Cornuta!

The band’s various websites:


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