Gibson Les Paul

September 23, 2019

Name: Gibson, Leo’s Les Paul

Cities: Created in Nashville, sent to Oakland, purchased in Reno, now lives in Vancouver, WA.

Year: 1983

Pre-Slideshow banter…
This is my Gibson Leo’s Les Paul, which is a 1959 reissue from the Nashville plant. Leo’s was a dealership in the Oakland CA area, I believe, but I picked this one up at Bizarre Guitar in Reno NV around 1984. It was new when I got it and have been the sole owner of it since.

A Cool Review from Trogly’s…
Trogly’s Guitar Show is a YouTube podcast that features all kinds of guitars and related items hosted by a really nice guy named Austin. I reached out to Austin a few years back when I was trying to find out information on my guitar. He was really cool and spent quite some time chatting with me about my guitar and I truly appreciate the information he gave me as I was pretty clueless about the guitar I have.

If you are into guitars then you will enjoy his videos. He’s pretty active and is very responsive to questions that get thrown at him. Please go support his channel.



April 17, 2019

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