Allison Chains

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June 13, 2018

Venue: Dante’s

City: Portland, OR

Set length: A little over an hour

Pre-show banter…
What? One of my favorite tribute bands from the southland in Portland?? Hell yeah! I made my way down to Dante’s and was able to get in with my camera as long as I didn’t take photos during the Sinferno Cabaret – no problem!

My gear for the night was:

  • Camera: Canon 5D Mark III
  • Flash: None
  • Lenses: Canon’s 70-200mm f/2.8, 24-70mm f/2.9, and the Sigma 35mm f/1.4


Venue Review…
This was my first time at Dante’s and have been wanting to catch some of the bands that have been playing here like The Supersuckers and Murder City Devils but I haven’t made the time, until tonight. Really a cool venue whose tagline is “Live Music – Cabaret – Burlesque & Rock-n-Roll.” What else do you want? Go support this venue – there aren’t many like them any more.

350 W. Burnside St. in Portland, OR 97207


Reviews, comments, and possible putdowns for Allison Chains…
What a fun gig! I haven’t seen this band play in quite a while so it was nice that Felicia reached out. I also discovered that Misai is no longer in the band AND they have added a second guitar player. The band now consists of:

  • Caroline Heldman: lead vocals
  • Felicia Villani: guitar & backing vocals
  • Amelia “P-Nut” Gioello: bass
  • Gretchen Schultz: guitar
  • Melanie Jo Dilorenzo: Drums (replaced by Leanne Lagoyda shortly after this gig)

Official website:

Another great set. There is nothing I could say that I haven’t said before. Go support! Cheers…


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