Who Me?

Halloween 1973

Halloween 1973

Name: Frederick Ray Lundrigan [call me Ray]

Lives in: Southern California [40 miles east of LA]

Dogs: Willow & Zeke [Border Collie & Aussie]

Favorite Shoots: Live Music & Nature

Music: Not much for the Pop world, gimme Rock n Roll

Film: Horror, Thriller, Suspense, WWII

Digs: Apple TV, Schlotzky’s, Dog Beaches, Scrabble, Softball, sampling different Colas, Computer Books, MMA, Tribute Bands, The Mediterranean, Tattoos, Camping, Fractional Differentiation, Kauai, Stern on Sirius/XM, Movie Poster Art, People Watching, Wildlife, Zombies [fast & slow], Chocolate Chip Cookies…

…and a little Photography as well.

What I do…

So, here is a little about me and what I do in this crazy & competitive world of photography.

I am primarily a Wedding and Portrait photographer and I spend most of my time shooting in that world (see my other site: RayLundrigan.photography), but in my free time I always go back to my roots, which is concert photography. I am basically one of those “have camera, will travel” type of photographers with a few dedicated computers for my work. So, let’s back up a little so you know where I’m coming from:

  • I have been dabbling in photography since 1995 but it was about 2003 when I decided to take it up a few notches and purchase some real gear.
  • My degree is in Graphics, Web Design and Multimedia, which means I spend most of my non-shooting time in Lightroom and Photoshop so I can showcase my work online, meaning this website, for example.
  • I have completed numerous photography classes, workshops, seminars & courses to enhance my range and knowledge in this service. In doing so, I have made contacts with quite a few other photographers and also belong to a couple of photography organizations, like WPPI.
  • One thing I have noticed about this industry is that there are certain “rules” to follow when it comes to capturing images but I feel like I come with a slightly different point of view in that not everything has to be beautiful and tell a pretty story. Sometimes telling the story of the fuel is more interesting than capturing the fire.
  • At this point my full time occupation is Wedding and Portrait photography so in my spare time I gravitate towards the music scene. I tend to lean on the Rock & Roll side of music (and life), but I enjoy all kinds of ear candy. If it is really live music then I can at least appreciate the effort but to go to a show where the singers are basically singing over tracks of their studio recordings then forget it. While I’m griping about the music scene I might as well bring up the need for dancers on stage… This is a world that I find baffling and has nothing to do with seeing a band live. Give me bands like High on Fire, Murder City Devils and Quicksand any day of the week.
  • I am interested in any type of event you may come up with and sometimes the more out of ordinary, the better. Don’t be shy to ask.
  • One more thing… For all you photographers just getting into this, please, please, please realize that to be in this business you only spend about 15% of your time actually shooting – the rest is all organization, marketing, networking, paperwork, planning, getting little sleep, editing, “getting had, getting took, I tell you folks, it’s harder than it looks…” Sorry, got lost in Bon Scott lyrics there, but it does apply here.

Bottom line is that I am not a Master Photographer but I feel that anyone who who claims that moniker probably isn’t anyway. I am a regular guy who has a passion for the photography world and will take on any subject matter with a smile and a large sense of responsibility. If I don’t think I can handle what a client is looking for then I will be up front about it and will do my best to refer someone I feel might work for that particular subject.

If you are interested in finding out specifics or have questions about hiring me for your event or subject just email me from the Get In Touch section above.