Reviews, Comments & Other Putdowns for this event (by Ray)

Went to go see the Coffin Case event at 3 Clubs. There were three performances that night: Lynda Kay (as seen here), Sin Fisted burlesque show, and a showing by Hellzapoppin. Fun night…

My gear for the night was:

    • Camera: Canon 7D
    • Flash: None
    • Lenses: Lensbaby Composer, Canon 15mm f/2.8 Fisheye, Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8.

Lighting was pretty decent on the stage, the ISO was high and the aperture settings were low. Okay, here we go…

  • Venue Review – 3 CLUBS:
    This was my first time going to this club… Let me back up. I really don’t like calling it a club because people might get the wrong idea. This was my first time at this cool bar. It is not a dive bar but it is not a bar for douche-nozzles either (you know who you are). Let me go on record by saying that I like dive bars and this might be considered by some to be a dive bar but it really isn’t as too much work has gone into making it simple and clean with great lighting and an attention to detail. The place is split into two rooms with a bar in each, a jukebox on one side and a stage with a DJ post in the other. I arrived early and saddled up to the bar for the ritualistic pre-show drink and the bartender commented on my Murder City Devils shirt, which struck up a conversation about the band. He quickly ran over to the jukebox and played “Johnny Thunders” followed by a Nick Cave song. Any place that has those two artists on a jukebox puts me right at home!

    This is a great bar so make sure you go check it out if in the area. It is located at:
    1123 Vine St. #1
    Los Angeles, CA 90038
    (323) 462-6441

  • Band: LYNDA KAY:
    From the moment Lynda walked onto that stage in her gold glitter outfit and texas-style big hair I knew she meant business! I was pleasantly surprised by this group as the songs and performance by her and the band were top-notch country. I am pretty picky about my country music and this performance did not disappoint at all. “How picky are you?” Well, let me tell you… I’ve rambled about this subject in the past so I’ll keep it to a quote by JB Beverley and the Wayward Drifters this time: “Give me a dark bar and a jukebox over that radio, yeah Toby just don’t cut it, give me Haggard, give me Coe, ’cause I’m tired of watching Nashville and its washed-up fashion show, ’cause you won’t find no country on country radio!” That was a line from their song called “Dark Bar and a Jukebox” from the album by the same name. I’ll probably quote something from Lynda’s album “Dream my Darling” on my next country band review as she is the real deal. You won’t get a “BBQ stain on mah white t-shirt” line from her. If you like the classic sounds of Patsy Cline then this album will pick up right where she left off.

Nuff said, enjoy the photos and go support Lynda the next time she plays…