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Reviews, Comments & Other Putdowns for this event (by Ray)

Was able to get a photo pass from Kimm (CH3) for this gig – thanks Kimm! I have shot all three of these bands before, just not all together on the same bill so this was going to be fun. My gear for the night was:

    • Camera: Canon 7D
    • Flash: None, other than the peanut flash that it comes with, but I didn’t use it at all.
    • Lenses: Canon’s 70-200mm f/2.8 & 15mm fisheye f/2.8, Sigma’s 24-70mm f/2.8

Melodi and I went a little early to grab some dinner and get into the show early. Ate at HOB; the food was a little pricey but the quality and the service made up for it. They are in Downtown Disney after all so I figure the rent is pretty damn high, plus we don’t mind spending a little extra for good service. Okay, here we go…

  • Venue Review – HOUSE OF BLUES – ANAHEIM:
    Staff and bouncers were all cool – no complaints. As expected though, the place was packed so it was a little hard to get around and you really had to fight to keep your spot but that is the nature of these types of shows.

  • First Band: IGOR SPECTRE:
    This was my second time seeing them live and they were even better than the first time – a lot of fun. Go support them by going to their next gig.

  • Second Band: CHANNEL 3:
    What can I say that I haven’t said before…? I think this is my 4th or 5th posting of the band and I have run out of original things to say about them so let’s just leave it at good! They delivered as they always do and if you like the poppier side of punk then they are right up your alley. Go check ‘em out if you haven’t already. Oh, and if they happen to call out for requests then make sure to yell out “Last Time I Drank” because they love that one (and so do we!) Also, thanks to Kimm for getting me a photo-pass.

  • Third Band: THE ADICTS:
    Even better than the last time I saw them, which I didn’t think they could pull off. I think the band was tighter, the crowd was louder and the setlist was spot-on! Thanks to Pete for letting me shoot the band again!

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