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Reviews, Comments & Other Putdowns for this event (by Ray)

I have seen the Del Reys name around town for some time but never got a chance to check them out so this was an unexpected surprise. Many thanks to Ted Venemann (Yidhra, Invisible Humans, Zone 9 Exposure) and to Chris Beyond for getting me in with my camera – very much appreciated!

  • Venue Review – BORDELLO BAR:
    My second time at this bar. The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is great. It reminds me of when I went to The Mustang Ranch (outside of Reno, NV) back in the 80’s with my friend Brian… It is a long story as to why we went and not one for this section of my blog. If you haven’t been to The Bordello then you are missing out on dimly-lit red velvet and a somewhat Dante’s Inferno vibe. Two thumbs up!

    Check em out…

  • Band Review: THE DEL REYS:
    A lot of fun! What else can I say here about them…? They have a great sound for a night of burlesque and drinkin’ the night away. I could see their music on a regular rotation on Little Steven’s Underground Garage radio show – good stuff!