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Reviews, Comments & Other Putdowns for this event (by Ray)

I was told “No Cameras Allowed!” by the person on the phone, which to me meant that I was going to take my Canon G9, or as I like to refer to it, as my Super Grain Machine! I made dinner reservations for Melodi and I so we got there a little after 6PM. We were seated right up against the stage nearly dead center – phew, that would help out with capturing a few decent photos. Off we go…

  • Venue Review – THE COACH HOUSE:
    This was the 3rd or 4th time at this venue to see bands throughout the years and it was exactly the way it has always been, which is nice because I knew exactly what to expect. Decent food, okay sound and a great view of the stage no matter where you are seated. Check their schedule often as they have some great bands that roll through there.

  • First Band: REVEREND BLUE:
    I would put their music into the Blues/Rock category but leaning more on the bluesy side. They were okay, not bad but not really my cup of tea. I like my blues a little more gritty, much like Howlin’ Wolf, John Lee Hooker or Skip James. It’s sort of how I like my country; a lot of talk about good whiskey, bad women and a whole lotta demons. Check ‘em out though, you might dig them. I couldn’t find any websites about them but I did find their CD for sale – see link below…

    This link will take you to their CD for sale

  • Second Band: KETTLEBLACK:
    These guys were also a Blues/Rock band but I would put them more on the Rock side of the coin. I heard a lot of Black Crowes in their sound and delivery. It appears like they just posted a new website that has a bunch of videos and photos from this same show so if you want to hear what they sound like…

    Ahhh yes, the man of the hour. I will admit that it was hard sitting through 2 sets of music when I was so hyped up to see one of my musical idols. The first time I saw Lee Ving was at a Fear show with the original lineup, which was great to see. My favorite scenes of The Decline of the Western Civilization film by Penelope Spheeris were by far the Fear scenes at the end of the movie and have been a huge Lee Ving fan ever since. I’ve seen him a few times with his latest Fear lineup and, other than the Rat Pack banter quality of the original lineup, it is a great band. I wasn’t sure what to expect of this night but I have to tell you I was not disappointed in the least. The music was solid and delivered by Andrew Jaimez, Marvin McDaniel, Lawrence Logan, P. Bass Jones and Lee taking up the harmonica, vocals, hey’s, and the swagger. I know there were a few Fear fans there that only wanted to hear the older material but I think that the “I Don’t Care About You” blues-style at the end of the show will hold them over until the next time Lee revs up the Fear machine again. If you get a chance to catch him live please go support him as he definitely is a music legend that is deserving of a big Thank You for all the years of entertainment!

    Also, I feel the need to mention how gracious he was at the show to all his fans. He would sign anything people brought up, posed with pictures and spent time to answer any questions anyone had for him. I’m sure he wanted to get the hell outta there after the gig but hung around with a smile and truly didn’t seem to mind people coming up to him with merchandise, cameras and questions. There are a lot of ego-driven rock stars that could learn a thing or two from Lee in regards to the fans who helped pave the road of entertainment. Again, please support him by going to a gig or checking out his website and updating your Fear albums and cassettes with the official CD’s – check out the bundles he has in his store! Thank you, Lee, for a great show!

Nuff said…