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Reviews, Comments & Other Putdowns for this event (by Ray)

One of the worst gigs I’ve been to in quite some time. Let me explain… This was no fault of the Iron Maidens or their management, rather it was all venue and a few wannabe thugs that made this into a rough night for the band and a lot of the fans. Here we go…

  • Venue Review – D Club:
    The club is located in Azusa right on Foothill and has quite a large facility with two large dance floors, huge bar area, decent sized stage, an outside patio and plenty of parking.

    Nobody was let into the venue until after 10PM, which was fine – no biggie. On the inside they clearly miscalculated the air conditioning needs for this size of venue because it was scorching hot inside. Again, not a huge deal but it was pretty damn uncomfortable. I’m guessing it is like this every night and it’s management’s way to get girls to wear as little as possible. A DJ spun records for at least an hour and it was the usual dance favorites by the likes of Depeche Mode, The Smiths, Michael Jackson, etc., which packed the dance floor – and I mean packed! This DJ really knew how to get people out there. Unfortunately, the sound system was not that great! Sections of sound kept going out and sometimes it sounded as if the speakers had been run over by freight train, but the crowd didn’t seem to mind. I’m guessing the band was using the same same speakers and their sound was pretty muddy and a little hard to hear the details.

    There were a few Metalheads, Regulars, Rebels, and Rockabilly-types in attendance but there was also a small mix of Laordo’s in attendance. What is a Laordo? It’s what I call a person that wears the holy triumvirate of thug sports teams as an attitude: The LA Lakers, Oakland Raiders and the Dodgers. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of true fans of these teams out there but what I am referring to here are the wannabe thugs that follow these teams because of the societal stigma they carry. These are the same people who riot, loot and burn down half the city after one of their teams wins (or loses) a championship game. It is always a small percentage of people that seem to ruin it for everyone and tonight was no exception thanks to a few a-holes. I saw a guy get his camera stolen by a chick right from the front of the stage. Seriously, she snatched it right out of his hand and ran out to the patio, which was packed with people and, I would guess, some protection. When the guy reported it to a bouncer, he just shrugged his shoulders and walked away – really lame that nobody from the establishment would try and help out.

    A pit started up within a few Maidens songs, which was comprised mostly of drunk, careless and inconsiderate people who just wanted to slam to hurt the next guy. Look, I have no problem with hardcore pits as I’ve been in some of the biggest and most brutal ones including Hatebreed, Pantera, Suicidal Tendencies (back in the 80’s), Aggression, D.R.I., Slayer… Should I go on? What I am getting at is that this crowd had no respect for the music, musicians, venue or other people trying to watch the show. Again, this was not everyone in attendance but at this point a mob-mentality started brewing…

    Meanwhile, the audience was constantly throwing crap at the band and flipping them off – not cool. When their stage crew came out and threatened to shut it down if it kept up, the chants of “guero, guero…” started up. Racism? Nahhh, not at all! I had a few jackasses give me some attitude and words for no reason right around this time so I decided I did not need to get into a fight and have my camera broken or stolen as well so I split. This was a little more than halfway through the show. If it wasn’t for my camera I would have stayed to see how things played out but I figured it wasn’t worth it at this point.

    As I was leaving I ran into the couple who had their camera stolen and the guy was looking for the girl who did it. I told him that I saw her go into the patio area and he asked me to go back in and point her out (the girl he was with also saw her but didn’t want him to pursue). I felt horrible saying no but I had quite a bit of camera equipment with me and I was pretty sure he was not going to get his camera back and was only headed for a beat-down at this point. This was definitely the type of crowd that if a fight were to break out then everyone would jump in. I would be very surprised to hear that there were zero fights there that night. Hey, scraps happen all the time and I’ve seen a gazillion of them but this was a mob just waiting for someone to beat down. Also, sitting on a small wall in front of my truck was a guy with a bloody nose who said that a couple of guys rammed him into the speakers in the venue. Apparently he was in the pit and a couple of dudes grabbed him and slammed his face into the side of the speaker stack. They laughed and he came outside – again, he tried to get a bouncer to do something right after it happened and was ignored.

    As I drove around the back of the venue to get out, I noticed the outdoor patio was wall-to-wall people getting down to the lovely and melodic sounds of what sounded like Reggaeton to me (it was probably House/Trance/Electro but it sure sounded like Reggaeton). As my friend Alejandra would say… “Ay, que chunti!”

    So, I did mange to get a few photos in the short time I was there but I can tell you I’ll never go to that club again… Unless Clutch is playing – but other than them, no way will I ever spend a dime in this club.

    Here is a link to Yelp that has more reviews of this place to back up some of what I’ve mentioned above:

    • Band Review: THE IRON MAIDENS:
      The girls did play their asses off and it was too bad that the sound we were getting in the audience was crap but hey, things happen, right?

      Phantom, once again; thank you very much for the chance to shoot the Maidens.

      Lastly, I have four other Iron Maidens galleries on this blog if you care to take a look. The dates for these galleries are: 5/15/2010, 8/1/2009, 5/2/2009 and 3/22/2008.