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Reviews, Comments & Other Putdowns for this event (by Ray)

I reached out to my friend Robert about taking photos of Pink Noise and he was kind enough to let me come down to the event with my camera. Thanks to a slight dyslexic moment in reading my calendar I initially went to the wrong venue but had enough time to make it to the one they were playing at with enough time to catch the end of the first band – phew…

  • Venue Review – THE VIPER ROOM:
    I saw some bands at this venue many years ago but never to photograph so I was just flying by the seat of my pants on this one. I was expecting to shoot at Spaceland this evening, which has really dark lighting so I brought some fast lenses, including my 50mm f/1.2. The lighting at the Viper Room is much brighter so I ended up using the 50mm as well as my 100mm f/2.8 – it was a night for fixed lenses! The staff was really cool, the sound was top-notch and the stage lighting was bright, although the brightness came mostly from behind the band and it was tricky getting the player’s faces as there were a lot of dark spots up front by the microphones. I like it here as long as it isn’t too crowded. I’ve been in this venue in the past with a full-capacity crowd and it is hard to navigate when there are that many people but tonight it was just right; enough people to make the bands feel like they have a decent audience and empty enough to move around. Two thumbs up!

  • Band Review: PINK NOISE:
    A band hailing from Brooklyn via Tel Aviv – this quartet rocks! If I had to throw out comparisons so you get a better idea of what they sound like I would cross-breed Sonic Youth for the feedback & noise, early PJ Harvey (back when it was just a 3-piece) for the energy and a little The Dead 60’s for the driving rhythms. If you just want to see and hear for yourself then make sure to check out their website where they have some nicely produced videos that really capture the band as they are live. If you read this post early enough, they are playing Spaceland this Friday night (June 11) and I suggest you go see them as they are great live. It’s bands like this that keep me going out to see live music.

    Also, I spoke with Sharron (bass player/singer) after the show and she said that they should have a new release out by winter. She was extremely nice, down-to-earth, zero ego and was very grateful that I wanted to purchase a CD from them. Great music from nice people… What else can you ask for? There are bands out there that get popular because of strong marketing and others who slowly get a large audience due to word-of-mouth from touring, interacting with fans and putting out great music – this is that band!

    I urge you to check them out! Nuff said…