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Reviews, Comments & Other Putdowns for this event (by Ray)

Made the trek out to The Valley to see a night of tribute bands that included a Iron Maiden tribute, a Led Zeppelin tribute, an Robin Trower tribute and a Pat Benetar tribute. I contacted Hammer of the Broads and got a response from Andrea (bass player), who was really nice and said it would be cool to photograph the band that night. Even though I got there around 8:45′ish I still managed to miss nearly the entire set of the first band. Here we go…

  • Venue Review – PALADINO’S:
    I dig this place. The staff is friendly, the sound is good and it is fairly easy to maneuver around the stage. Also, unless you are being a complete douche-nozzle, the security just lets you have a good time – not many of these types of bars left these days. If you are in the area just drop by and mention my name… They won’t know who the hell you are talking about but it might be a good conversation-starter… hah!

  • First Band: GET NERVOUS:
    Like I mentioned above, I got there just in time to catch their last song and snap off a few shots. They were a Pat Benetar tribute band and I really only saw the minute of the set so I couldn’t tell you anything about them other than what see in the photos.

    Also, I couldn’t find anything about them online so if you are reading this and know of a way to contact them or if they have a website please send me a note as I would like to at least share what I captured with them.

  • Second Band: HOUR OF TROWER:
    A Robin Trower tribute band. The only thing missing in this performance were Mr. Trower’s facial expressions! Other than that I thought they sounded tight and like the real thing. Facial expressions you ask? Well, I managed to catch the real Robin Trower back in the late 80’s at Calamity Jane’s in Vegas (Salty Dog was the opener) and I remember Mr. Trower making the greatest rock-n-roll faces I had ever seen in my life. The music was great but the expressions he made were phenomenal. Once again, I digress…

    I have seen a couple of other Robin Trower tributes in the past and I would have to say that these guys were, by far, the best I have seen or heard when comparing to the real thing.

    Also, I met the guitar player/singer of the band after the show and he was a really nice guy. Rarely do band members go out of their way to say hello and chat for a few minutes, so I thought it was pretty cool that he came over after the set. Make sure to check out his pages and support these guys. If you like classic rock then Hour of Trower is sure to deliver for you!

    A Led Zeppelin tribute band that consisted of members of ThundHerStruck and Moby Chick (I think…) Anyway, their set was energetic and spot-on with hitting all the notes. I have seen quite a few other Zeppelin cover bands and this was by far the best! I know I also said the same about Hour of Trower but it is true. They (meaning Hammer of the Broads) were having a ton of fun and obviously have the music in their blood. My favorite moment was the “John Bonham Moby Dick, Dick, Dick…” version they played towards the end of the set. I was really hoping they would do No Quarter or Gallow’s Pole but maybe next time – Let that serve as a request! Hah…

    If you like Led Zeppelin then you are doing yourself a disfavor if you don’t go check them out. Here is their official site:

  • Fourth Band: MAIDEN LA:
    It was good to finally see this band as I have seen their name around but never checked them out. I have said it before and I’ll say it again; As someone who has seen at least one show from every tour Iron Maiden has done since Bruce Dickinson joined the band I con honestly say that I know my Maiden and these guys were pretty good. Also, I have seen The Iron Maidens so many times in the past few years that I was beginning to think that they were the real Iron Maiden so I’m glad I had a chance to see a new version although, no offense lads, I still put the Maidens at the top of my list under the real Maiden. These guys definitely come in as my second-favorite Maiden tribute… I was thinking that it would be a great double-bill with Maiden LA & The Iron Maidens if Maiden LA did all the D’Ianno material in their set and the Maidens did all the Bruce material. Another request? I think so…!

    On a quick sidenote, I’m listening to The Boneyard on XM and Rime of the Ancient Mariner just came on… 13 minutes of heaven (that’s what she said!)

    Okay, enough of my less-than mediocre writings… Go check these guys out at:

Nuff said…

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