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Reviews, Comments & Other Putdowns for this event (by Ray)

The band played on the Friday night portion of Creation Entertainment’s Weekend of Horrors. The lighting was dark, the music tuned low and the vocals guttural and gravelly – Perfect! The group currently consists if Ted (vocals), Dave (guitar), Tom (bass) and Craig (drums) and they definitely fit into the “Doom” category of Rock/Metal. I can see these guys playing with the likes of Neurosis, Kyuss, High On Fire and The Melvins and fitting right in.

From what I have read, Yidhra is the name of the Dream Witch that comes from a H.P. Lovecraft narrative that describes an entire universe that is ruled in part by Outer Gods, or supernatural immortal beings. Yidhra is just one of the many deities that exist in this universe that takes on many forms, but originally as a youthful woman. She is followed and worshiped in a number of places by cults and small communities in mostly third world countries, although can still be traced in the United States as having many followers. True followers believe that in doing so they will be rewarded with a healthy harvest and livestock. Just do a search for the term to get the details as I’m just paraphrasing from the articles I have read.

If you like your music dark and heavy then be sure to check them out at:

Nuff said…