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Reviews, Comments & Other Putdowns for this event (by Ray)

Very excited for this show as the last time Melodi and I saw them was back in 2001 with At The Drive In at this same venue. I got there a few hours before the show as I figured the lines were going to be HUGE for this sold-out show… Well, that wasn’t the case. Doors opened at 8PM and there wasn’t a single person in line until around 7:30. I can now say that for the first time in my concert-going career that I was the first to be let into the venue. Melodi and I walked in, purchased a couple of shirts and headed for the barricade, which is where most of these photos were taken from. Unfortunately, I only had my Canon G9 Super Grain Machine, which is why the photos are a little on the “gritty” side – kinda perfect for the band though, I feel. This was, by far, THE best show I have been to in a loooong time – read why below and see why above…

  • Venue Review – The Glass House:
    I have come to really like this venue as the sound is good, the staff is friendly and the bar next door is top-notch! They also have a great little record store next to the bar, which is next to the venue, that is staffed by nice people and have a decent selection of music. If I had a third hand I would give The Glass House a full Three Thumbs Up!

    Oh yeah, they also have an easy-to-navigate and comprehensive website – probably one of the best out there as far as scanning to see what the upcoming shows are.

  • Mikki And The Mauses:
    While hanging around the barricade and waiting for the opening act to hit the stage there were a few of us that were not looking forward to ANY opening act and wished that the Devils would just be a solo band for the evening but that was not to be. The people that we were talking to hadn’t heard of this band either and were dreading sitting through an hour of crap music, but that was not to be either. There was something very refreshing about Mikki And The Mauses and Melodi and I became instant fans. Most of you won’t remember this period but they reminded me a little of the rawness and energy that Nirvana had when they opened for Sonic Youth back in the early 90’s – 1991, I think it was… Anyway, Mikki And The Mauses played a pretty short set filled with songs that didn’t go beyond the three minute mark, which was part of the beauty of their performance. Please do yourself a favor and go check these guys out if you get a chance to see them live. I have a prediction if you do go see them: You will either really like them OR not get it and hate them. As far as me, I will support these guys as there was nothing run-of-the-mill about them.

  • The Murder City Devils:
    What can I say? They are one of my favorite bands these days – that’s what I can say! Melodi put it best… She said they are kind of like Clutch in that they do what they do the way they want and are able to sell out every show with a huge mix of people. If you go to see a band like, say Cradle Of Filth, you know what 95% of the crowd will be like but if you go to a Clutch show you get people from all walks of life who are just as rabid for Clutch as the Cradle fans are for that band. Well, Murder City Devils are very much like Clutch in that you will see Punkers, Rockers, Nerd-Rockers, Emo’s, Psychobilly’s and Metalheads all singing along to every word and getting along just fine. Now that’s what I call music power! These guys are great for just being themselves and creating music with big energy. I know I say this a lot but if you truly like real rock music that is not corporately churned out for profit then please support these guys. Nuff said…

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