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Reviews, Comments & Other Putdowns for this event (by Ray)

Armed with my 1Ds Mark III and a couple of fast lenses, I set off to a venue I’d never been to before called The Bordello Bar in Los Angeles to see one of my favorite local bands; Firebug. I skipped my Wednesday evening softball game for this event, which I never do, so I was very excited for this one.

  • Venue Review – Bordello Bar:
    This is my new favorite venue! Apparently, it is one of the oldest bar locations in the Los Angeles area. From what I have read, it used to be called Little Pedro’s and has had a major renovation to make it what it is now. They feature live music of all sorts from Jazz to Swing to Indie and everything in between, including Burlesque shows! Do yourself a favor and get out to this place and support a great venue staffed by really nice and hassle-free people. I have read some reviews where a few douche-nozzles put it down because of a few high priced cocktails but these are the type of people that probably also complain about the injustices of only getting an hour lunch break at work and how “the man” is keeping them from reaching their full potential. Ignore these moronic rants and check it out for yourself and get back to me. I give it a high-five, 5 stars, a green flag or whatever the kids are using for a top rating these days.

  • Echoes DeLuxe:
    First time hearing & seeing this band. A rock based band that writes heavily on lyrical content. Some bands lean on the instruments for their sound and others strictly on lyrics but these guys combine both to make a melodic-rock experience. I got the feeling that these guys feed off of audiences, which was pretty mellow and distant this night. After all these years I am still amazed at how oddly people support live music in this town. There was a 10′ gap between the bands and the audience at all times and it appeared as if, for the most part, that there were 4 sets of audiences throughout the night; one for each band. When one band was done, 80% of the people left and were replaced with a whole new set of people to support the band they came to see. But I digress… I know the band will probably dislike me for saying this but I found some of their songwriting to be very Styx-like but with a little heavier edge and not so many synth-like effects. One thing I did find is that their live show is definitely heavier than what I am hearing on their MySpace. Go check ‘em out…

  • Socadia:
    Again, I had never seen nor heard anything from this group and they caught me off guard as I found them to be very interesting. As much as I dislike comparing bands to other bands, I do it a lot to get my point across so I don’t have to write as much (If you can’t tell by now, I’m no writer). Just like Eazy said when asked why he curses on his records so much; “Man, who are you, Gene Autrey or something? I just do that to get my point across.” No, I’m not comparing Socadia to Eazy E but I do feel like they would make a great addition to a Mellowdrone gig. If you like the Mellowdrone & On stylings then these guys will slide right on in. Make sure to take a listen and pick up a CD or two if you like. Support your local music, I always say…

  • Firebug:
    I hadn’t seen this band in a few years and they are still as good as I remember them. Even though they don’t play anything from Fragile anymore, which I feel is a mistake, they still have the same fire and delivery to each of the songs they perform. This is also a band that can deliver what they record in the studio into the live setting, and sometimes better. Time for a live EP? I hope so… If you can find their version of War Pigs make sure to get it. Even though it is edited down ( I would have liked an extended version of this one), I find their version to be up there with Faith No More’s version; remember that one? The harmonies is what really set it apart. Again, I digress… I can’t say enough about this group and I urge you to pick up anything they have released as it is all good. “But Ray, they don’t sound anything like Clutch or High On Fire… What gives?” Ahhh yes, caught in my own contradiction again. Hey, what can I say, I like Firebug’s music a lot. I also like Coltrane, Fear, Wayne Hancock and Firehose (not Firehouse – let’s make that perfectly clear). I can’t tell you why, I just like what I like so suck on that, Ron Burgundy!

  • Siren’s Eye:
    A Pop-Rock based band – and by that I mean if you like the sounds of The Killers (and similar) then you will dig these guys. Most of the time when I see a band that is fronted by a Hollywood TV actor I find the music pretentious and lame, but not this time. For those of you who know me, you will say “Ray, are you saying you like The Killers?” No, I do not and I really have nothing to say about them other than this adjective: Boring! “But Ray, are you calling Siren’s Eye boring?” Well, maybe but not really. Look, my musical tastes run all across the board but what really excites me musically are bands like Clutch and High On Fire. That doesn’t mean I can just write off a band like Siren’s Eye, does it? I think these guys are good and will appeal to a large group  because they are talented and have some very catchy tunes. Hell, I’ll probably even go on iTunes and download their music, but will I rock it in the ‘72 GTO on “11″ with the windows down? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give them a listen to find out for yourselves. Seriously, go check ‘em out and let me know what you think.For the record, the only music allowed in the solid black 1972 455HO GTO is the heavy stuff like Black Label Society, Nashville Pussy, Hank III and AC/DC!

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