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Reviews, Comments & Other Putdowns for this event (by Ray)

Fun night of some authentic country mixed with some cowpoke/rockin country. My biggest find this night was West Of Texas. Great name, nice guys and a great Honky Tonk sound.

  • Venue Review – The Scene:
    Already wrote about this place quite a few times. Somewhat full of people on this night but roomy enough to be able to move around. Not too packed but enough to have a good take at the bar.

    UPDATE: The Scene is no more.

  • Eagle Winged Palace:
    Sort of a folk/hippie band who sound like they are singing acoustic ghost story songs. I wasn’t really into them this night as I was more looking forward to some Rock have grown on me a little after listening to their MySpace jukebox. Check ‘em out…

  • The Orion Experience:
    These guys were pretty fun and definitely livened things up in the bar. They are an energetic garage/indie band who come out with confidence and play hard. After listening to their MySpace jukebox I have to tell you that they are harder and more energetic in the live setting than their studio work. In their own words, they sound like “a rainbow in outer space” and I feel that is pretty accurate. Give them a listen.

  • West Indian Girl:
    I was familiar with their Astralworks releases so I was excited to see this band. Unfortunately I was turned off pretty quickly when the pretentiousness of Mariqueen spoke louder than the music. By the way, she was one of the singers who played tambourine. I say “played” because she is no longer in the band and has since left and became Mrs. Trent Reznor. Maybe she’s nicer in person but on stage she was rude to the crowd for not singing “loud enough” and came off like she was too good to be in a not sold-out workingman’s bar. Not appreciative at all that people came out to support the band. All it takes is one to ruin the efforts of the group. Having said that, I still dig the band’s music and will continue to support.

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