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Reviews, Comments & Other Putdowns for this event (by Ray)

Fun night of some authentic country mixed with some cowpoke/rockin country. My biggest find this night was West Of Texas. Great name, nice guys and a great Honky Tonk sound.

  • Venue Review – The Scene:
    Already wrote about this place a few times. Nothing new this night other than a broken toilet.

    UPDATE: The Scene is no more.

  • West Of Texas:
    If you like classic country a la David Allan Coe, Dale Watson and some of Hank 3’s slower material then you will like these guys. Check out their calendar and go see them and say hi to Jerry (singer) – he’s a nice guy who’s very down to earth. Support what little country music there is out there… I should say; Support what little REAL country music there is out there. Tell me, how the hell did Taylor Swift get the country label attached to her name? Oh yeah, big money marketing to middle America and placing her shiny CD’s in the Country section of Wal Mart. “Look at that there CD babe… It done has sparkles AND it ees under that sign that says Cuntry, yeee haw… Sheee’s purdy. You got them cases of Pepsi and diapers loaded up?”

  • Cheatin’ Kind: Nothing like a dose of country influenced jukebox and stearin’ at cleavage through the bottom of a beer mug. What does that mean? They were a lot of fun and in their own words: “Grab a beer, turn your wedding ring around and find someone to make out with.”

  • Trucker Up:
    The singer had me in stitches. He reminded me a little of Jerry Reed in his delivery and humor. Songs about mama, drinking, welfare, the 909, jammin’ gears and the fair.
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