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Reviews, Comments & Other Putdowns for this event (by Ray)

I don’t have many photos from this show but I did end up with some good video, which of course is not on this website. Maybe one day when I get my “Fin De Cinema” site up & running. Back to Static-X though… I remember seeing these guys at The Troubadour when they were just called Static. I believe they were playing with Coal Chamber. Static only had a demo out at the time on cassette, which I still have. I remember waiting for a long time for their first CD to come out and was really let down when the song “Head” was not included on that release. Anyway, these guys put on a great show this night but we were really missing Koichi in the band. Oh, back to the video for a second… The best capture I have from is night was taking video of a little kid, maybe about 9, singing the song that the band was playing while standing next to his dad. He was really getting into it. Okay enough, please support Wayne and the gang as they really do work hard.